Limelight is one of the leading and most affordable clothing and accessories brand in Pakistan. Their journey began in 2010 with a variety of cuts, fabrics and textures.

It all started from formal and casual wear for women, which has now grown to kids and men as well.

Limelight currently has more than 55 stores across Pakistan. The variety is astonishing and the designs, cuts and prints are worth drooling over.

Believe you me when I say, you cannot come out of limelight without buying at least something for yourself.

Limelight clothing range comprises of both stitched and unstitched fabric, hence, providing with ease of variety and a choice of styles to be adopted.

Later, the brand expanded to bottoms, handbags and clutches, scarves, jewellery and accessories like belts, sunnies and more.

The aim is to cater for people of all ages, which is why Limelight offers a wide range of designs and cuts. The clothes are western and eastern both.

Every week fresh stock is received by all stores, multiple times to ensure stock availability.


Please follow the steps below to place your order:

  1. When browsing through the web, enter the number of items required and click on add to cart
  2. After you have finished shopping, click on proceed to checkout
  3. Pick your payment method
  4. An email/SMS will be sent to you which will verify your order and contain the sale invoice.
  5. Later your order will be confirmed via phone call to ensure delivery.
  6. If an invoice is not received, it means the order has not been placed.


  • A tracking ID is issued to track the order.
  • Domestic orders usually take 3-4 days whilst international orders take upto 7-8 business days.


Once you have checked out, orders cannot be cancelled. However, when you receive order confirmation call, orders can be cancelled then.


Orders can be placed via WhatsApp Messenger and/or phone calls at 03111222681. However, article number, colour and size of the product needs to be mentioned.


Limelight provides international shipping. However, the shipping costs will vary with the weight of the parcel and delivery location. The prices are exclusive of shipping costs.


There are various payment options. They are:

  1. Easy Paisa (domestic)
  2. Cash on Delivery (COD) (Domestic)
  3. Online payment (Domestic and International)
  4. Bank transfer (above PKR 5,000) (Domestic and International)


Limelight Pakistan has a strict nonrefundable policy. Articles are not refundable after they are purchased, however, they can be exchanged against size, colours and styles.


Limelight has a very huge variety of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Recently, they have also started western wear.

Kids wear at Limelight is soft and comfortable. The clothes are not heavily embellished that your children end up refusing to wear them. They clothes are stylish and comfortable. The fabric is soft and easy to look after.

The western wear is modest and stylish. Not only do the western wear comply with western styles and trends but a few of the clothes are modest and stylish, similar to the Turkish dresses.

The unstitched variety at Limelight provides ease to women to get the garments construction done according to their taste and requirements.

The Pret wear allows you to wear the dress instantly and meets your requirements. Sometimes all you need is some pampering and someone else who could do you some effort. The pret, ready to wear clothes provide you a hassle-free experience. You do not need to worry about who will stitch and design your garment for you. Just take it out of your wardrobe and dress up.

The trousers and bottoms allow you to complete your dress. The sizes and fit of the trousers, Shalwar, tights and jeggings are perfect and never fail to fit, should they be your size.

Bags at Limelight are stylish, sturdy and spacious. The bags have compartments to accommodate your essentials. The wallets are spacious for notes and all the important cards that you need to store and keep safe.

The clutches tend to compliment your dress and provide you a well dressed 👗 and groomed look.

The shoes are comfortable, stylish and sturdy. The heels are secured and they do not cause you to slip. The material is man made but the quality is great and durable.

The jewellery is high quality and does not tend to cause any sort of infections and/or skin related troubles. They are stylish and designed, keeping in mind the latest trends.


Sales at Limelight can be experienced quite often. The items are sold at reasonable prices and further marked down for customer’s ease.

Do pay a visit to your nearest Limelight stores and do not forget to share your reviews!

Javeria Fahad