Leopards Courier is serving Pakistanis since it’s inception in 1983. It began as a small business that started from 5 destinations, by delivering letters and documents. With time and efforts, now Leopards has transformed into a Logistics, Courier and Warehouse service provider.

With over 700 Express Centres that handle over 90 M packages and parcels in a year, Leopards has over 1500 service locations, 4000 vehicles and 2200 global destinations.

Not only this, Leopards has over 7000 employees working under the umbrella of Leopards Courier. Leopards customers belong to different facets of life, such as students, businesses, entrepreneurs, travelers, large corporate businesses, government offices, private businesses and more.

Effective expansion and growth has been achieved by Leopards, over the years under the leadership of CEO and Founder Mian Jehangir Shahid.

Leopards Courier is the only company in Pakistan that owns its personal branded Boeing 737-300 cargo aircraft. This allows them to provide daily cargo facilities and overnight package movements. The ownership of a Boeing Aircraft has led to a value addition to the company.

Moreover, dynamic approach is being adopted and continuous development is being carried out by digitalising the system and appointing technology like sensors, Auto Sorting, IOT, Data Analytics, Sort to Light and more.


Leopards offers customers a pick up service that is available Monday to Saturday before 04:00 pm. This service is free of cost and involves no hidden charges. These pick ups are schedules according to your mentioned destination.

To request a pick up, call at 021 111 300 786.


Delivery Hours are 09:00 am to 05:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.


Delivery Charges are based on fuel that is consumed to deliver. These charges change over the year but depend on the fluctuations of fuel prices as well.


Leopards does not offer P O Box deliveries. For deliveries to be made, a street address and telephone number is mandatory.


Shipments can also be tracked using the Web tracking service. To do so, use the following link: www.leopardscourier.com.


Consignments are not insured unless the customer requires. This is then charged extra 5% of the total cost of the package.


Fragile goods that are sent through Leopards, are labelled with care and responsibility. These products are not insured but delivered with care.


With Leopard’s rate calculator option, you can now get an estimate of the amount you are likely to be charged for the desired product to be couriered. To do so, please hop on to the following link :

This involves no hidden charges and the exact price that is shown by the rate calculator is charged.

Additional charges are only applicable for services such as those provided on Sundays, Public Holidays, Same day or Special times.


Leopards is not responsible for any damages or losses during delivery. Also, any thing that is beyond the organisation’s control is not Leopards’s responsibility.

Claims made with in 10 days of delivery are attended.


Leopards offices are located in Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

When Eid is just around the corner, make sure you take the joy of using Leopards Courier’s service and stay satisfied.

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Javeria Fahad