Laila O Laila by Ali Zafar and Urooj Fatima is so captivating. This song is a Lightingale Records Production and has managed to secure over 20 Million views on YouTube. The 12 year old Urooj has fascinated he listeners with her spectacularly melodious voice, and that too by singing a Balochi song. To my surprise, Urooj is a Balochi girl herself which means she has been born listening to this song.

The song was relaxed on 11 October 2019. The musical video features Ali Zafar with Urooj Fatima who seems to be a young and highly talented girl. It is surprising how a 12 year old young lady can sing so beautifully. The splashing waters and the landscapes shown in the video are also breathtaking.

The landscapes and splashing waters belong to Balochistan province of Pakistan, where Urooj was born and raised, learning singing.

The scenic beauty adds more value to the music video and reminisces Urooj’s childhood memories. It seems more like a nostalgic video.

Coming to the melody and musical instruments used in the composition of this song is very quirky and appealing. The music is very energetic and provoking. It bring life to your thoughts and captivates your mind.

This song seemed to be a great initiative by Ali Zafar, having to collaborate with young and new talented people. He also said that it was a great experience and he looks forward to more of these collaborations with new talents.

Moreover, the song and Urooj’s contribution to the song signifies how gender stereotypes cannot stop a female from achieving what she desires for herself. This might be a great boost for all those women out there, who need that tad bit of motivation and encouragement to accomplish their dreams and make them true.

Do give this song a listen and share your views with us. Cheerios!

Javeria Fahad