Laham Lounge is an Arabic cuisine inspired restaurant that is set up for the elite. The cuisine is Middle Eastern with rich culture and state of the art interior. The food, the ambiance, everything is infused with Middle Eastern culture.

The restaurant claims Arabian Mandi to be their speciality with a crisp and succulent,yet smoky flavour.

The food served is sourced locally and all ingredients are fresh to add a special flavour.


Laham Lounge’s menu is vast and exotic. The variety provides a great choice to satiate your tastebuds and make dining a wonderful experience.

To view their menu, please hop on to the link below:

Click to access Menu.pdf


The food at Laham Lounge is delicious and mouth watering. It will boost your appetite.


The serving size at Laham Lounge is good for filling up your tummies and satisfying your hunger.

Waiting time:

Waiting time at Laham Lounge is very less. They make sure, you do not stay hungry for long, until before you are served.


Bookings and reservations can be made to treat your guests when you wish. Also, you can book in advance for your gatherings and events.

Laham Lounge can cater for your guests according to your needs and requirements.


Laham Lounge is located at Bilal Shaheed Chowk, Chaklala Scheme 3 Rawalpindi, opposite Shazia Kiyani Salon, Studio and Spa.

Contact Details:

Laham Lounge also offers home delivery. For more details, reach them at:

0333 3330518, 051 515410

Also, you can send them an e-mail at [email protected]

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Javeria Fahad (02-03-20)