Kryolan Professional Makeup is professional makeup in reality. It is what it claims. Since the past many decades, Kryolan has been ruling over the faces of all women who have been visiting salons which were back then known as ‘beauty parlours’.

Kryolan has managed to maintain it’s reputation and come a long way. According to my experience, every single ‘beauty parlour’ that I have been to has it as part of their cosmetics range.

From High-end clientage to the middle-class and lower class standard parlours, Kryolan has been in the beauty box since forever. Even now, it is still there. The most famous amongst being their TV Stick Foundations, there are different shades to play with, and that too at affordable prices.

With the emerging makeup trends and techniques, Kryolan TV Stick Foundations are widely used to multitask. Some shades suffice for many different uses like, colour correction and base both.

Not to forget, Kryolan Aqua Cake Liners have been very popular then and even now. The variety of colours in the liner along with ease of application with a drop of water has always over powered the old school liquid liner technique, which leads to an imperfect eye look. There are many colours like, Arny Green, Royal Blue, Red Brown, Pink and more. The prices are reasonable and worth the drug store category.

Apart from these, Kryolan has Aqua colour interferenz In various shades like bronze, copper, gold, Altrot G and many more. Probably these are eye lid glitters in a cake style texture.

Follow their two step face preparation to get your desired look.


Recently, Kryolan has launched it’s Ultra Fluid Foundation. The formula is water based, hence feels light on the face and gives flawless coverage. To sum up in a nutshell, it gives ultra light, ultra finish and ultra glow.


Kryolan is available online and at various stores like Make-up City.

Javeria Fahad (21-12-19)