Kolachi is an initiative of the best sajji makers of Karachi, Pakistan. They opened up this place in April 2012, which now happens to be one of the most famous and visited restaurant in Karachi.

Kolachi has managed to gain because of its delicious food, their cooperative staff, their beautifully designed outdoor sitting area, the refreshingly mesmerizing views of the sea, wide parking area and for it being located at an ideal tourist spot.


Food at Kolachi ranges from Pakistani to Westerb with everything cooked with perfection.

The spices used to create the food are in the right amount with the right techniques employed to curate what is served at Kolachi.

The taste and appearance of food is mind boggling. Not only does the taste make you want to visit them again, but it is their hygenic service.


Staff at Kolachi is cooperative and hospitable. When you enter, you are welcomed with a smile. Usually the waiting list is long before you can get a table for yourself.


The sitting area at Kolachi begans with lit up Kolachi lights, which is also considered as a selfie spot.

The location is a perfect tourist spot as well as for those who wish to spend a good time with friends and/or family.

The furniture set up for the outdoor sitting area is contemporary and elegant. The restaurant is located above the sea level.


Parking has become a big issue with every passing day. The restaurant has a big parking space.

There are various delicious dishes to try at Kolachi, along with many good days and reasons to celebrate and visit Kolachi.

Javeria Fahad (14-02-20)