I recently did a photo shoot with these smoke grenades by Kinza Sadiq, to take the stylizes portraits. This was my first time shooting with smoke I had no idea what I was doing. So, I bought six of these online just in case if I screwed up in the first three times if you want to get some of these for yourself go ahead and check the details of these smoke below by Kinza Sadiq online blogger.

We went through three of these smoke grenades until we were able to get the desired effect and then afterward we were able to get some fantastic shots. Som today I am going to share some tips on how to use the smoke grenades so that you guys can get some fantastic photos and won’t be struggling as I did with my first smoke photo shoot.

First, don’t work on a windy day, the smoke is really light and it can travel quickly if there’s a slight breeze you should be okay, however, if there’s no when that’s perfect.

Next, find a good location, you will want to work in the shade or during the golden hour because that will give you the most vivid colors. If you shoot in the sun or backlight that’s going to watch out the smoke and make the colors less vivid therefore it won’t look as nice as on camera.

The goal is to keep the smoke moving and not just a team late all in one spot, this is real smoke so if it gets in their eyes or if they fall it will be an ait tent, so be mindful of that also, set its colored smoke and make sure that they are wearing something that they don’t mind getting dirty because it might slightly discolor their clothes. It does get a little warn but not too hot so you guys don’t really need a pot holder or glove you can basically just hold these in your hands.

These smoke grenades are really easy to use, you just remove the cap and then they require no matches which is awesome. It works just like a traditional grenade so there’s a ring attached to it. Pull the ring to ignited and it emits smoke for like 90 seconds and that’s plenty of time to take plenty of pictures.

I found that I was able to take about maybe 30 to 50 pictures for the grenade, so you have plenty of time and get your money’s worth.

These smoke grenades come in a variety of colors not just purple they have red, orange, green, blue, while there are so many colors as I said earlier they are extremely vivid if you work in shade and the colors can be further enhanced in adobe lightroom.

If you decide to do a smoke photoshoot, you can pick up some of these smoke grenades from Kinza Nazar. If you take some pictures to tag us on Instagram to share your reviews below – I would love to see them.



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