KFC Pakistan has always been one of the most famous fast foods in Pakistan. KFC being an international fast food chain, has always ensured quality and quantity for people of Pakistan.

Deals and Buckets

KFC not only caters for the middle class people but also for those who are eating for a survival. There are deals of various price range that offer a variety for customers to choose from.

Krunch Deal

The Krunch Deal consists of one Krunch Burger and a regular drink only for PKR 200. The Krunch Burger is an economical meal for your emergent hunger pangs.

Twin Bucket ( was PKR 450, now PKR 299 )

The twin Bucket was initially for PKR 450, but now it is for PKR 299 on a promotion. This Bucket includes 4 pcs Buffalo Wings and 4 pcs Thai Sweet Chilli Wings. However, this offer is an online only offer.

Gladiators Meal

The Gladiators Meal consists of 2 zinger burgers, 2 drinks and 1 bucket of fries only for PKR 950. This deal is a temporary deal that is currently runned by KFC Pakistan.

2 Mighty

The 2 Mighty burgers deal includes 2 Mighty Zinger burgers and 2 drinks. This deal is for PKR 999.

Lunch Deal

The lunch deal consists of 1 Arabian Rice, 1 pc chicken, 1drink and Vietnamese sauce. However, this deal is only available from 12 pm to 4 pm as it is a lunch only deal. Not to forget, this deal is for PKR 330 only.

Mingle Bucket

The Mingle Bucket includes, hot BBQ wings with fries. This bucket deal is available for PKR 420.

Signature Boxes

KFC also offers Signature Boxes that are designed by KFC. These boxes are:

Crispy Box

The Crispy Box costs PKR 475 and includes 2 pc hot and crispy chicken, 1 fries, 1 drink and a coleslaw.

Boneless Box

The boneless box consists of 4 zinger strips, 1 coleslaw , 1 fries , 1 drink, 1 dip and 1 dinner roll only for PKR 540.

Wow Box

The Wow Box comes for PKR 710 and offers 1 zinger burger with a hot and spicy chicken piece, 1 fries, 1 drink and a coleslaw.

The Xtreme Duo Box consists of 2 zingers, 1 large fries, 2 pc hot and spicy chicken and 2 drinks only for PKR 1,120.

Crispy Duo Box

The Crispy Duo Box deal costs PKR 895 and includes 5 pcs of hot and spicy chicken, 1 large fries and 2 drinks.

Sharing Deals

There are a few deals that you can share with your beloved ones at an attractive price. These are:

Value Bucket

The Value Bucket includes 9 pcs hot and spicy chicken and costs PKR 1,120 only.

Family Bucket

The Family Bucket includes 9 pcs hot and spicy chicken with 2 coleslaw, a bucket of fries and 1.5L drink. This costs around PKR 1,575 only.

Family Festive Deal

There are two types of family festive deals.

Deal 1: This deal includes 2 Zinger Burgers, 2 Krunch Burgers, 4 pcs hot and spicy chicken, 2 dinner rolls and a 1.5L drink. This deal costs PKR 1,595 only.

Deal 2: This deal includes 4 Zinger Burgers, 4 pcs hot and spicy chicken, 2 dinner rolls and a 1.5 L drink. This deal costs PKR 1,795.


Other than this, KFC Pakistan offers snacks like fries, snack bucket, coleslaw, chicky meals, nuggets and more.

To sum up in a nutshell, KFC Pakistan has great taste and the serving size is good enough for a person with a normal appetite.

The environment is hygienic and the tables and chairs are kept clean throughout. Not only this, you can also arrange for small or large birthday parties with the help of KFC and their friendly staff.

You can place your order through KFC’s UAN number or order through the Foodpanda Mobile App.

KFC also provides home delivery service at a minimal cost.

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Javeria Fahad (13-03-20)