Kashees has been a big name in K-Town since a couple of decades. Owned and founded by Kashif Aslam, it is affiliated by Anum Aslam and Irfan Aslam.

Situated at Karachi’s most prime location, Tariq Road, the parlour also caters for dresses that go along with the latest trends, styles and cuts. Also, you can get your big day photographed by their talented photographers.

To sum up in a nutshell, book them for your big day and become carefree about your dress, make-up and photography. That surely  sounds like a real deal!

But that’s not just it!


Kashee’s has just launched their makeup range with a broad range of makeup brushes to enhance your looks, whether for a daily makeup look or for a party look.

The Silk and Sleek Eyeshadow Palatte costs PKR 2,000 and is a winner for bold shimmery pigments.

This palatte will give you all sorts of bold and shimmery looks you need for yourself this wedding season.

NOT TO FORGET the currently trending natural human hair extensions by Kashee’s. The hair extensions are made of human hair, hence, natural and do not decompose or wear out with use. We have witnessed many celebrities, models and fashion figures getting their hands on those human hair extensions, because they will always give that natural voluminous look with a style. The hair extensions tend to protect the hair from getting damaged due to over styling.

Humera Channa, Tuba Amir, Areeka Haq and many others have got their hair extensions for ease and comfort with a ready look available at your door step. All you need to do is, wear the right kind of make-up, put the wig on and voila! You’re ready for any event.

Kashif Aslam also specialises in hair cutting. Many celebrities have taken advantage of this skill and transformed their hair.

Did you want your big day to be all about a headache taken by someone else and not you? Did you know, specialists at Kashee’s are there to take care of your Henna for your big day and for all those accompanying you? Yes! Kashee’s does mehndi application too.

Javeria Fahad (31-12-19)