If you enjoy coffee and cakes then look no further. Weather its quality cupcakes, tall cakes or unique cookies. This is “K_bakeology” which is started by a very talented young lady taking a well earnt break at Islamabad’s must visit her Instagram page!

Ordering is often the definition of a first world problem with its numerous cookies, pastries and imaginative cakes.

I mean, look at this doughnut here, what’s not to like?

The thing that grabbed out initial attention however is the always delicious and instragrammable Cookie shots 😉

Now these are chocolate fudge brownies, cut into the shape of heart! This is where design meets taste. There is certainly enough variety with lots and lots of sweet things to make your day or event delightful.

You can even choose your Wedding, Nikkah, Birthday’s etc. cakes or with custom designs. She place an emphasis on everything fresh, so weather its for a quick coffee brownies or a more elaborate afternoon tea or event cake even, you can be sure that your sweet tooth with be satisfied at K_ bakeology!

Due to its reputation, where possible I would say to try to visit her Instagram page and grab an order if you love the taste take a picture and give a review cheers !