Yet another talk of the town and blockbuster drama by Minal Khan has recently started to air on ARY Digital. The drama named Jalan by Minal Khan, Immad Irfani, Fahad Sheikh, Areeba Habib and many others seems to gain quite a lot of fame and recognition due to the fact that it holds a different concept.

The concept of having feelings for your sister’s husband. This might seem vague and inappropriate for the audience but in reality, this element exists in today’s world.

Minal Khan has always been putting followers to that devotion to watch her dramas and this would not be surprising when Jalan would get the same response. There can be many reasons starting from her bold yet beautiful looks to her acting skills and personality. We simply adore her communication and dialogue delivery.

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The melodious OST has been sung by none other than the talented Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

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There has been a lot of uproar from the Pakistani drama audience against the typical dramas that are aired every now and then, also, ever since the famous Trukish drama Ertugrul has captivated much audience, a different story was much needed to break the stereotypes. This was the best time to address such an element coexisting yet unaddressed in today’s world. The drama features Minal who falls in love with Areeba’s husband, who are playing lead roles in this drama.

The teaser suggests that the story is of two sisters, Minal & Areeba, and Minal falls in love with Areeba’s husband.

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