Islamabad Serena Hotel is located at  very prime location of Islamabad, with great attention being given to the security of customers.

Being a 5 star hotel in Islamabad, it is a second home to diplomats, business officials, highly reputed organisations and other businesses. Due to this, great attention is given to every single person who enters the premises. Even the employees and staff members are fully checked, screened and monitored to prevent any devastating consequences.

Islamabad Serena Hotel is a construction over 14 acres of garden areas. The spacious rooms, architectural wonders , cultural heritage depiction and welcoming ambiance is what attracts its customers and a wide clientele. This tends to make each visit to Islamabad Serena Hotel, a memorable visit.
The architecture and interior are inspired by Moorish and Mughal architecture that reflect Islamic architecture.
Make a wish and Islamabad Serena Hotel has got you covered. Are you looking for a therapeutic spa treatment to relax over your vacation and get rid of all your body stresses? Are you interested in fitness but lacking the motivation and guidance to get started? Did you want to eat delicious Pakistani food? Are you visiting for your business needs? Islamabad Serena Hotel will provide you with the highest level of service and ensure all your wishes are fulfilled.
There are heaps of experiences for you to pick and choose from.
Accommodation:Islamabad Serena Hotel, Pakistan -
Islamabad Serena Hotel is known for its variety of rooms, Deluxe, Executive, Junior Suite, Executive Suite and Presidential Suite rooms.
Morning Sessions: 
A yoga session is designed for you to keep you energized or you can simply opt for a morning walk with a great view. The 8 acres big Serena Park would provide you with ample space to walk and freshen up your mind.
For those, who wish to opt for an intensive workout and do not want to miss out on their workout routine, the 610 m running track is the right choice for them.
Charges: $27 excluding tax.
Dining Choices:Dawat Restaurant at Islamabad Serena Hotel - Luxury Restaurant Awards
Islamabad Serena Hotel is famous for its wide variety of restaurants that often make it difficult for customers to make decisions for which cuisine they should go for. Restaurants at Islamabad Serena Hotel range based upon diverse selection of cuisines and beverages, each being one of a kind.Serena Hotel Islamabad Reservation Online | Book Room Now at ...
Cuisines served by the restaurants are South East Asian to Mediterranean to Western/Continental and Traditional Pakistani cuisine. One of these offers a coffee shop experience but with high standards and services, whilst one offers a wide variety of Ala Carte and Buffet Service. These restaurants are named as Zamana, Dawat, Rakaposhi, Wild Rice, Baradari and more.
Charges: $16 excluding tax
Himalaya Rock Salt Detoxifying Journey:
This Detoxifying Journey is award winning at Maisha Spa and Health Club, located inside Islamabad Serena Hotel.
The journey is a unique experience and healing technique in which warm rock

Maisha Spa & Health Club at Islamabad Serena Hotel - World Luxury ...

salt crystal stones are used to balance the electromagnetic field, meridians and central nervous system of the body.
The salt crystals are extracted from the sea under the mountains of Himalaya and are hand carved in a manner to drive out stress and toxins from the body. This treatment, as a result, brings the mind at peace, which is later complemented by a detoxifying oil massage.
Charges: $308 excluding tax (3 hrs)
Massage and Body Treatments:Islamabad Serena Hotel - 5 HRS star hotel in Islamabad (Islāmābād)

Healing and relaxing massages are offered at Maisha Sap and Health Club. Certified therapists are responsible for providing clients with a customized service that best meets their needs.

Charges: $36 excluding tax


Are you looking for Hi-Tea in a great ambiance? Dawat Restaurant at Islamabad Serena offers Hi-Tea, Monday to Sunday only for $15 excluding tax. Items in the Hi-Tea are continental, traditional and more.

BBQ at Pool Side:Islamabad Serena Hotel, Islamabad Hotels - Skyscanner

BBQ along the pool side includes savory Pakistani grilled meats such as seekh kebab, fish tikka, chapli kebabs and more. They are truly mouth watering and worth every penny.

Charges: $24 excluding tax

Around the world in 3 hrs:

Zamana Restaurant provides an experience which is one of a kind. The Sunday Brunch is an unforgettable experience for customers, costing only $25 excluding tax. The brunch includes items from all around the world.

Wild Rice Restaurant:

If you are looking for authentic Southeast Asian cuisine, Wild Rice is your destination. The restaurant serves Thai, Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese Cuisines with authentic flavors from each origin.

Nazara Lounge:

Nazara Lounge is located on the 6th floor of Islamabad Serena Hotel that offers snacks and exclusive services to customers, based on their needs. This is only for customers staying on the executive floor of the Margalla Wing and not for every customer of the hotel. This service is exclusive as it provides a panoramic view of the city and Margalla Hills. It is a rooftop lounge that provides round the clock complimentary breakfast, snacks and beverages.

Master Classes at Islamabad Serena Hotel:

Master Cooking Classes are organised by the renowned chefs of Islamabad Serena Hotel to share recipes of local delicacies, international cuisines and pastries from around the globe.

Charges: $30 excluding tax

However, keeping in mind that it is a 5 star hotel and not like every other inn, motel or 3 star, 4 star hotel, prices are high for each facility. The services are unique and exceptional/

Do share your Islamabad Serena Hotel experience with us 🙂

Javeria Fahad