A lot of you have been asking for a problem of online shopping brands, so I thought this would be so perfect if I got some formal looks maybe for some special event dresses that are really inexpensive and totally affordable for gathering or events.

I know you guys also wanted some ideas and inspiration of new designs and ready mate formal dresses for special events, birthdays or graduation ceremonies that you may be going to in the spring summer time.

One of my rules was not to buy things that were formal because you’ll often end up disappointed and this is because it’s little but more expensive to produce high quality more formal things.

But, I do really believe that you don’t have to spend too much money to look good in formal wear. So, without further talks this is going to be a whole/review of brand iQisha By Zee. I am going from the most casual piece to the dressiest show-stopping pieces that are totally amazing!

Traditional pattern – Rs, 3650

So, I must say that this is the most casual this is definitely something I would wear on some particular events depending upon how formal it is or like a bridal shower or something like that they not obviously you definitely need to dress up a little bit.

This dress here is actually chiffon material with classic black and gold touch, with all these lace or embroidery detailing and the really special thing about this dress is front I think the front embroidery is just is really pretty like lovely open shirt style.

It will look great by pairing it with gold or pink little clutch for a really really trendy pairing together.




Lavender – Rs. 3950

So, the second one here is this blush lavender, two-piece stitched with some really pretty embroidery detailing on it with really thin delicate flowers on it.

This one is so pretty with fresh color combination and I think is a really flattering color on any skin tone. I think this is so stunning, it photographs really beautifully which also has a matching underlay, with a pair of dark color, black or nude shoes with your hair kind of wavy and everything I just think its really gorgeous and doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing or much like that.

So, check it out for more designs and colors and I will also be driving my back to see the reviews in the bar below. I definitely recommend this brand and let me know which dress is your favorite.



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