Oh you wrote it down, didn’t you? You were going through your day, you are on a euphoric high because it was so productive. You’re getting so much stuff done – You finally completed whatever that task that was looming over you and you went straight to your to-do list.

I think its better to remind yourself rather than getting the numbness that you are potentially opening yourself up to as you write down your goals every single day.

Today I am going to review Self-Journal – they call this a journal – “InspireMe” “Positive Vibes Only” made by Humna Raza. So, let’s get started, this journal was originally born out a kick starter campaign and it has been pretty successful ever since, check it out!

Benefits of InspireMe:

This is the daily thing, you write in this every day – about your day, you have noted; so you have note section, and if you are like me, you like to take a lot of notes.

Suppose you are on a phone call, you need a notepad and you want to take that note into something that you are going to grab later very easily, so there you go. You write you write your notes.

You can dump all those tasks and things that you had to get out of your head and onto something and then you are able to go back through the week and then work through those.

It comes in this beautiful box when they ship it, which also makes it a nice gift. It comes in purple color. Purple is the the color of ambition and mystery.

Whats Inside? 

It is a two-in-one journal

  1. Introspection
  2. Planner

First part is the self-reflective part – its a complete journal, and the second part is the planner along with weekly reflections with end of year review. Its not just a simple planner with same repeated pages, it has a lot of different sections with different themes.



Week Planner:

With the week planner calendar, you are able to run the wall, so you can set your goal here on top and then you mortise bottom in this mark off every day.

Dimensions:  9 * 6.5 sized.

This is a Purple Gold planner journal for 52 weeks. It comes with fun stickers and light-weight perfect to carry!

Starting from its cover page you will realize that InspireMe is so powerful yet simple daily planner to help you optimize a day, attack your goals and be Happier.

It goes into more into details, how to use and explains how to set goals, which i think is pretty cool. By creating a certain road map of how to achieve your goals, and then to use it for the daily planning and the reflection, and that you have some blank pages in the back, then you can put your results, progress and the action tasks that you have to do in order to reach your goal.


InspireMe allows you to make a commitment to yourself, that you will take actions on reaching the goals which I think is really nice. With the overview and weekly reflection you can track your habits and activities and how happy you were with your week and why you can review your goals and your lessons learned. You have this for 52 weeks here.

We can write all to do and work on these kinds of stuff with inspiring quotations, you have room for notes and ideas, you can write how grateful you are and then you can write down your goals every single day and after that you reflect back by writing the lessons learned and your wins of the day.

Intersection for gratitude:

Is what I think is really important and whenever I write down and I’m grateful for I notice it does make a difference in my life.

On the top it tells you which day or on to the state to week one and every page is also numbered seeing exactly where you are at in the notebook, so, these little details make it worth it.


The paper is white with a smoothness to it and the notebook flies extremely flat which is really incredible. It looks like nice quality, with a perfect paperweight.


By using “Humna550” you are able to get a discount. Yay!

I am really excited to give this InspireMe notebook a try and see it keeps me motivated and inspired to reach my goals by keeping me on track with everything that I want to do – Let’s see how it works !!

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