Hysab Kytab, a Private Limited company, that was formed in the year 2018 to facilitate consumers and enterprises (banks and businesses) by providing digital solutions.

Hysab Kytab is an initiative of JBS, the leading Information Technology (IT) solution providers of Pakistan. JBS has been a part of the IT industry over the past 35 years.

The concept behind Hysab Kytab is to empower users and help them manage finances with ease. HK looks after all areas of personal and/or business finance management.
HK helps in the following ways:
  • Track expenses
  • Set budget
  • Set goals for saving
  • View financial activity reports

All this enables to get a clear picture of your financial transactions and activities in order to provide you with a detailed analysis of your spending pattern and all your money related activities.

HK is open to new ideas and respects it’s clientage. Should you have a different and/or innovative idea in mind, HK will facilitate you with and for it.
With their energetic attitude, they help push boundaries in order to facilitate customers by bringing innovation and creativity for their users.
Hysab Kytab is about shared success. They believe in collaborative success.
To avail all this, simply hop on to your Google Play store or Apple iStore and download Hysab Kytab Mobile App and make your money matters easy and convenient.
About the App:
HK Mobile App is user friendly, easy to scroll through and super easy to keep track of. It provides ease of use, maintain finances and keep a regular check of your daily monetary activities.
HK is for:
1. Consumers
2. Banks
3. Businesses
1. Consumers
For consumers, HK helps with money management. The process is simple and the app is user friendly.
For money management it helps to:
  • Set a budget
  • Create saving goal
  • Create an account
  • Set transaction reminder

For flyers it helps to:

  • View flyers
  • Add offers to wishlist
  • Apply filters on flyer offers

HK also offers deals to:

  • Compare and buy products
  • Set reminders

2. Banks

HK offers the following facilities to banks and banking sector:

Personal Finance Management: athis helps to give customers an online facility. Personal finance management acts as a digital money management tool. It helps to:

  • Build a stronger user engagement relationship
  • Understand customer behaviour
  • Helping customer control their finances
  • Make money management easy for customers
Empowering Banks to build a Sustainable Business with Personal Finance Management: This helps banks analyse the spending pattern of customers and provide them guidelines to organise their finances and give them a clear picture of their financial activities.
Customer Profiling: 
This helps with segmenting or categorising customers into small groups based on their financial picture.
Assessing Customer Needs:
This enables to understand the needs of customers by analysing their data of their spending, budget and savings.
Create ETB Lead Lists: 
This enables banks to generate ETB lead lists in relation to relevance.
Utilising upsell and cross sell opportunities:
 This provides data to offer tailored marketing offers in order to target consumers’ needs.
Benefits of HK to customers
  • A complete view of their financial activities
  • Customised offers
  • Digitised tool to track activities, record activities and plan for future accordingly.
  • Provides a graphical representation of existing data
  • Provide forecasts for future

3. Businesses

HK helps the following types of businesses in various ways:

Fashion: HK helps provide a new digital tool to consumers by:

  • Providing a digital loyalty wallet
  • Providing a marketing platform
  • Building brand loyalty
  • Providing analysis and insights
  • Providing targeted communication
  • Improving promotion
  • Adding value

Grocery and Retail Shops: HK facilitates Grocery and Retail businesses by providing digital tools to aid in customer service by:

  • Widening customer base
  • Analysing customers and competitors
  • Providing digital loyalty wallet
  • Optimising and increasing customer retention
  • Providing a marketing platform
  • Providing suggestions for improvement

This provides customers with:

  • Targeted communication facilities
  • Consumer reach
  • Offers and promotions
  • Better shopping experience
E-commerce: HK helps in analysing growth and opportunities for businesses. This also includes enhancing customer’s financial condition by offering them better solutions.
In the Ecommerce industry, HK facilitates businesses by:
  • Providing a digital loyalty wallet to customers
  • Improving promotions
  • Providing marketing platform
  • Increasing variety and optiona
  • Written communication

Food Industry: In the food industry, HK helps to develop a better understanding to plan strategies according to customer’s money related behaviour.

HK helps businesses in the food industry by:
  • Providing maps and directions
  • Providing digital loyalty wallet facilities
  • Providing options for cross-selling and/or up selling various products
  • Providing time and location based promotions
  • Providing opportunities to publicize promotions and increase customer retention

These were few of the many benefits Hysab Kytab provides to people from various backgrounds that helps to lend a helpful experience to individuals, banks and businesses.
Download the Hysab Kytab Mobile App now and do not forget to share your reviews below!
Javeria Fahad