Asim Azhar, the singer who gained fame from resigning English and Urdu songs in his start of career has finally made it to Bollywood. The young and talented Asim Azhar has shown that his talent and melodious voice can reach beyond borders.

Lately, the Bollywood movie MALANG has become the talk of the town for which Asim Azhar has made it to Bollywood. Whilst the movie is still in progress and has not been released as yet, the song is out and has made records.

Humraah was written by Asim Azhar a long time ago, but due to the suspended collaborations between India and Pakistan, he was unable to make it to Bollywood. Nevertheless, our talented lad finally made it and it was no more than a surprise for Pakistani audience.

Asim’s version and musical video is to come yet, soon after the movie is released. However, the song for the movie is sung by Sachet Tandon and video in the movie stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Disha Patani as lead stars.

Follow the link below to hop on to YouTube and give the song a listen.

The song seems to be a great achievement for Asim and his excitement can be clearly seen all over the social media. The biggest achievement for a singer from Pakistan, singing for a Bollywood movie is to get credits for the hard work and contribution. The song is sung by Sachet Tandon for the movie and unfortunately due recognition is NOT paid to Asim in the film. However, we as Pakistanis, acknowledge how beautifully the song has been sung and worked hard over and we are ready to pay all credits to our hard working young singer.

It is no surprise for the audience, how talented the young singer is and how fast he has gained millions of views on YouTube for his previous work. We hope to see huge number of views on this release very soon.

The high number of views make him one of the top 4 singers, singing for Bollywood, who have gained recognition and massive number of views. Not only this, Asim is the 4th Pakistani singer who has gained 100 million views on YouTube.

Humraah is trending # 6 on YouTube charts and # 1 in Music.

If you guys want to share your take on this new release, please leave your reviews below. 

Javeria Fahad