Humare Dada Ki Wasiyat, as the name clearly indicates is a story that comprises a dysfunctional family and their differing personalities and attributes, each of them having the same motive, i.e to inherit the property and money left by their late grandfather, Roshandeen.

Roshandeen had lost his only son and beloved daughter in law, at an early age, leaving behind three children to give care to.

Mr Roshandeen is very well aware of each of his grandchildren’s whereabouts and their interest in his money, alone. In the earlier episodes, we have seen Mr Roshandeen telling is lawyer to make sure none of his grandchildren get his money and property without making all possible efforts and undergoing some trails and tribulations.

Later in the episodes, it was seen how each one of them was working only to get easy money and not just their own share, but the entire property and money. However, each grandchild of Mr Roshandeen has a challenge they are facing in their personal life.

On the other hand, Mr Roshandeen has a loyal servant named Jummah as well as a lawyer namely, Mukhtar.

The drama is made with the aim to bring smiles on the audience’s face. It is not amongst one of those typical dramas that involve jealousy, envy, hatred and more. It is a family show that would definitely be easy to digest.

The objective of this drama is to enlighten the importance of having a family and relationships. Looking after one another in a family and getting united soon after a conflict that seems to be an important part of what you call ‘family’.

The drama is beautifully written by Zeehan Ilyas and Directed by Ilyas Kashmiri. Imran Raza Kazmi and Hareem Farooq are the producers for this drama under the umbrella of IRK Films.

The cast of Humare Dada Ki Wasiyat includes Qavi Khan, an amazing actor as we all know, Aisha Gul, always known for all sorts of role that she is capable of playing, Waliya Najib, who has made her debut alongside Faizan Sheikh, very well known for his versatile acting, Rashid Farooq, who we all have been seeing on the television since the past many decades, playing various characters, Faizan Sameer, who is Waliya Najib’s husband in real life and tends to show his phenomenal acting skills to us, Mojiz Hassan, who owns a bubbly personality and others.

Humare Dada Ki Wasiyat has gained immense fame and name due to Waliya Najib and Faizan Sameer who are a married couple in real life. It is due to the massive following of the super talented Waliya, who happens to be a former photographer and who has come up with various talents other than photography, including acting and modelling.

The drama airs every Monday @ 08:00 pm on Express Entertainment. Do watch it if you haven’t. If you have already been following it, please feel free to share your thoughts with us down below.

Javeria Fahad