Hamesha is the new single by Uzair Jaswal and Momina Mustehsan ,produced by Mad Monty Productions. The story seems to have been taking inspiration from the season Riverdale, with the song seemingly confusing just like the season.

Uzair and Momina are playing a couple who are working at a restaurant. The love, melody and emotions compiled in a mellow and dulcet tone are the main elements of this song. Surely, Momina and Uzair have sung their parts well.

The lyrics compliment the story in a confusing yet beautiful manner, but the scenes do not make you fall in love with it. It lacks the depth you need to feel hooked and involved. The music is just keyboard and violin, instead of rock and pop for which the youngest of Jaswal brothers, Uzair Jaswal is famous for.

Please give a listen to it if you haven’t:

The story is narrated in such a way that a large part of it remains unattended and unexplained. Nevertheless, the efforts were huge and impeccable.

The song begins with Uzair and Momina working at a restaurant, while Uzair pens down their story that becomes visually real in such a way that the two start imaging it.
The rest of the story remains confusing when the imaginary Momina kills the real life Uzair and regrets later.
However, Uzair has expressed the joy he has felt whilst working with Momina and that how difficult it was to manage this song with his busy schedule.
We are hoping this slow paced song may do wonders anytime soon.
Javeria Fahad (12-11-19)