Today’s review is about Gul Ahmed clothing whole Pakistani brand you all know I am sure off so, let’s get started!

Grey Blended Embroidered Chiffon

First one is my favorite look at these sleeves they are amazing, so nice it is a kind of really detailed. Front embroidery the neck with these buttons I think these are little crystals and there is same frill detailing on the border which is so delicate and so in fashion right now I guess.

So, if you happen to buy Gul Ahmed you can get it in unstitch so, you are paying to thousand for the stitching but you are getting it professionally done, as the models are wearing on their website so it’s really amazing.

The material of this dress is so nice organza, it’s quality if you can see the chiffon dupatta the flowers on the shirt they are really gorgeous with the hint of green which complements this border and I can’t wait to wear this.

Grey Blended Embroidered Chiffon

Next one is also one of my favorite colors right now its gray and lavender and look at this embroidery, it not only looks simple and elegant in person, I don’t know if you are able to see but there is a slight unicorny touch where you have so many colors there.

Dupatta is kept simple as the shirt has heavy embroidery at front and the border has this Shanti lace so this is the French word means in French it means that a very very fine, very nice cream that you put on cakes or coffee. So, this dress is really very fine and of so nice quality.

On the shirt, it comes with the silk embroidered lace with chiffon sleeves and shirt. Its very fresh formal dress, easy to wear and carry, you don’t want them to be with heavy laces or heavy embroidery all over the front is enough.

The fabric is amazing, its lightweight so this is one of the outfits I love the most it’s very very flattering when you wear it with a vibrant color lipstick and you don’t even need a lot of jewels to carry with.

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