Gloria Jeans Coffee is one of the well known premium coffee shop chain all around the world. It operates over 1000 outlets across 40 countries.

GJC is fuelled by a passion for great coffee. The dedication of serving high quality coffee is what makes GJC’s taste unique. Their baristas are highly trained. The coffee is roasted in Sydney in their state of the art facility.

With a total of 30 varieties of blends, infusions, flavours, hot and cold beverages and more, GJC has something for everyone. Whether it is a classic like Cappuccino or their signature drink Chocolate Macadamia Latte or Very Vanilla Chiller, they have a choice for everyone.

In Pakistan, GJC’s core product range consists of a variety whose recipes and prices are standardised and nationalised. However, for bakery items and kitchen items, individual outlets manufacture and purchase independently which is why they determine and set prices and product range themselves.

The Espresso Bar serves hand crafted hot beverages that is made from GJC’s proprietary coffee blends from Sydney.

Their range consists of Cappuccino, Macchaito, Caramelatte and Chocolate Macadamia Latte. These are their all time classic beverages.
Their Chiller Bar offers chillers like Strawberries n Cream, Very Vanilla Chiller, Cookies n Cream and Espresso Chiller. Non-blended iced coffee, fruit chiller, flavoured iced tea, smoothie and chocolate chiller is also available.

Have you tried their lava cake? It is worth every penny you spend.