This drama serial “Ghar Titli Ka Par” is promulgated on the story of two childhood friends; Anji and Shafaq. Where Anji’s family was very poor and this sense of belonging to the middle-class family transcended many objective economic boundaries. However, shafaq was raised in a well-established modern family.

She was an honest person who has integrity and knows how to values her relations, for her this friendship means everything to her, and Anji was like a sister whereas Anji only wants to get hands to a better life so she used every person whoever comes in her way whether it’s her family, friends or shafaq.

Being the youngest and most pampered child shafaq had no sense of cruelty of society she was humble by nature and considered everyone like her.

But soon shafaq’s sister in law sense intentions of Anji.

Anji moved to Lahore soon after her marriage and left her studies. Shafaq was very upset for the reason that Anji left the city and moved away from her.

After moving to Lahore, Anji’s life turns out to be intense, as she doesn’t know to handle household chores and husband duties. Laying all day in bed and wasting rest on shopping. So, she hired a permanent maid who handles and took care of her children needs and household stuff.

Later shafaq completed her studies and married to Azar. Azar was a sophisticated and handsome young man, right after their marriage shafaq was shifted to Lahore with Azar for a great start of her new beginning of life.

Being in the same city both friends – Anji and shafaq reconnect and started to have get-togethers. Shafaq founds reconnecting with Anji exciting as she always loves her like a sister.

Seeing shafaq happy from her new life with all her needs fulfilling by her loving husband Anji was so much jealous that she started making plans to end shafaq’s happy marriage life.

After meeting Azar, Anji realized he is the perfect person to have as a husband who can meet all her financial needs. She left her husband and two children and moved to shafaq’s place.

Anji was very clever, she pretends to be polite and perfect in front of Azhar to show shafaq is not a good wife.

Soon Azar was impressed by Anji’s fascinating beauty and personality.


Soon shafaq finds out that her loving friend Anji and Azar are having an affair. She was crumbled and went back to her mother’s house. Shafaq was also expecting a child.

Azar after living with Anji realized that shafaq was innocent and she’s expecting a child too. He was very embarrassed about having an affair with her friend. He went back and apologized.

Anji’s X husband marries to another woman and left Anji. Anji’s truth was shown to everyone and she had no place to go. It is the story of betrayal disguised in friendship.



  • 1. Aiman Khan as Shafaq.
  • 2. Sanam Chaudhry as Anjum Parveen (Anji).
  • 3. Shahzad Sheikh as Azar.
  • 4. Ali Abbas as Kamran.
  • 5. Yashma Gill as Erum (Shafaq’s bhabhi).
  • 6. Ali Ansari as Aftab (Anji’s husband).
  • 7. Humera Bano as Razia (Anji’s mother).
  • 8.Mariyam Mirza as Naheed (Shafaq’s mother).
  • 9. Shajeer Uddin as Atta (Shafaq’s father).
  • 10. Barjees Farooqui as Simi (Shafaq ki khala).
  • 11. Mabsira Khan as Shahida (Erum’s mother).
  • 12. Mizna Waqas as Fakhira (elder sister of Anji).
  • 13. Ramsha Akmal as Lubnah (younger sister of Anji).
  • 14. Arsalan Raja as Hassaan

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