There’s a lot of things at the drugstore right now as we all know. This is the month of new products that are dropping in the drugstore. So, Garnier skin active cleansing water, it is an all-in-one makeup remover. Face, your lips as well as your eyes. I am a big fan of their makeup removing lotion. There is also a blue one, which has oils – I usually stay away from oils, because oils can dehydrate your skin, believe it or not!

So a couple of things I usually stuck on to my face like dipbrow eyebrows, liquid lipsticks, high coverage foundation ahh what else, eyeliner very light intense, heavy-duty tight line eyeliner and shadows.

So, I will just get a pad, good quality pads not the ones that just tear in the middle. You just need to saturate a cotton pad. I like how it’s not like a river of product that falls out of the bottle, because that’s the one thing I like about it. This bottle has a very very small droplet that comes out of it that is enough for you to control how much you want to take out.

Anyways, just put it over your eyes that’s what we are going to do. A fixture at the store said you just put it on your eyes and wipe it off that is definitely not what happened. If you rub it off it does come off. For me, it’s having a little bit of a tough time, not even coming on the pad which means makeup is still there. Its gentle my eyes don’t feel like they just had acid poured on them which is great. It’s great for dipbrow and good with face makeup.

The only thing that worries me, is that I don’t have gel liner or liquid eyeliner, so I don’t know how good it is with that.

Well, my skin feels very nice, it’s really good with the face makeup, and my face does feel very refreshed afterward, which is one of the things I really like about the makeup removing lotion. So far so good though!

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