FarMo provides 100% pure organic cow’s milk at your doorsteps. The milk is free from urea, detergents, fats and injected hormones.The cows belong to the Holstein Friesian Dutch breed and are treated with care and kept under hygienic conditions.

The milk by FarMo is pure and free from any additives such as water or other fluids. The taste is sweet and of original milk. You can purchase this milk with your eyes shut. With a service like FarMo, where you can get your milk at your doorstep and that too milk that is free from additives. In Pakistan, additives are the most concerning when it comes to buying milk. FarMo is trustworthy and reliable.

For delivery at your doorsteps call now at 0307 937 8550 and place your orders. They are also offering a limited time offer to get free milk sample delivered to your doorstep, reach them out. Please note, this service is only available for Islamabad locations.

Job Openings

FarMo has listed 3 current job openings for Islamabad location. Candidates interested should hop on to their website and/or Facebook page to get more information and act accordingly.

1. Riders:

Candidates must have at least intermediate level education, valid driving license, experience with Food panda, Careem or Bykea and proficient in using Google Maps.

2. Customer Service Representative:

Candidates must be at least a Bachelors Degree holders with 3 years of experience in customer services role. It us important for them to be proficient in MS Office Suite, written and verbal communication. The role involves helping customers with complaints, suggestions, taking and processing orders and deliveries.

3. Customer Service Manager:

A customer service manager must have a Bachelors degree with 3 years of relevant experience. Candidates must be proficient in MS Office Suite, verbal and written communication. The role is to help customer complaints and suggestions, along with supervising orders and deliveries.

Place your orders now and let us know how your experience was.

Javeria Fahad