I recently went to Faiza’s Salon in Islamabad so I wanted to share about this salon that I have been going to. Actually, I have gone to a couple of salons and at Faiza’s I have gone only twice and so I felt like after having gone twice I could kind of give you a well-rounded view of what your experience may potentially be like.

If you were to visit Faizas Salon. So, the first time I went I didn’t have well I had an appointment because I called earlier that morning, and when I got there the receptionist was very nice and very professional. I would like that about a Salon because you know its sometimes the gatekeepers or receptionist can be very rude and you know that kind of just turns you off to the whole experience but that was not the case at Faizas Salon.

The stylists that I was assigned, she was awesome, I really like her because she does a good job and she listens to what you want, how you want to wear your hair. She asked a lot of questions and I really liked that I don’t like it when people just kind of take over and then after they are done expect you to be thrilled with you know whatever it is that they decided to create.

The main reason I keep coming back to the Faiza’s salon is the customer service. Every time they offer great customer services and experienced therapist, they know your needs and you don’t need to repeat yourself every time, they actually listen. It’s always an artistic feeling, very professional environment, excellent service and personal treatments are legitimate.

I really enjoy the experience there, the staff does work well with the natural hair, I feel like she is a stylist that is concerned with the healthcare of your hair and not just you know what the style looks like, because she was like you probably shouldn’t straighten your hair so much because you don’t want to lose your natural curl pattern and I have been a lot of salons who probably hope that you know people with natural hair lose their natural curl pattern because it makes it easier to deal, so, I do appreciate her really being concerned about the state that my hair is in.


  1. Bridal Makeover
  2. Nail Polishing
  3. Nail Art
  4. Hair Styles
  5. Hair Treatments
  6. Lash Extension
  7. Mehndi
  8. Party Makeover

Location: Islamabad

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