Faiza Saqlain is the name of high class luxury fashion and intricately beautiful designs. The brand was established in 2012, in Lahore and has become the powerhouse of fashion due to the success and name it has earned.

The chic and modern silhouettes that are infused with traditional and elegant embellishments and aesthetics is what gives the brand so much fame. The colours are beautifully embellished with intricacy and detailing which give a modern touch.

Variety and Range

Faiza Saqlain aims to provide a range of couture and luxury Pret variety to customers. This is what Faiza Saqlain is known for. Every season, her couture and luxury Pret is anticipated by its customers because of the floral prints and aesthetics.

The categories of clothing by Faiza Saqlain include:

  1. Bridal
  2. Luxe Formals


The Pret and ready to wear styles are available in sizes ranging from Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Celebrity  Stars by Faiza Saqlain

World’s famous celebrities like Priyanka Chopra have also been spotted wearing Faiza Saqlain and this gives the brand pride.

Celebrities like Maya Ali have also been very fond of wearing Faiza Saqlain at various occasions like her brother’s wedding and her birthdays.

Iqra Aziz was also spotted wearing Faiza Saqlain at her Mayun.

This proves, the designs, colours and aesthetics by Faiza Saqlain are very much proclaimed and appreciated by celebrities around us.


The pricing of clothing depends on the fabric, embellishments, style and cut and more.

Payment and Payment Method

Faiza Saqlain accepts payment through Master Card and/or Visa Card and the payment methods are secure.


To place an order, you must create your account. To do so, click on My Account and get started. Should you have an existing account, simply log in and add items you wish to buy, to your cart.

Make selection wisely and enter correct information and details. Once the information has been entered, please double check to avoid any hassle and inconvenience.

A confirmation email is sent, once an order has been placed. This email is to acknowledge that the order has been accepted.

Please note, orders are shipped after the Master Card and/or Visa Card payment has been verified and accepted.

The status of your order can be checked through your account, should you be a registered user.

Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been placed. It is recommended to ensure every information before orders are placed, as it takes a lot of effort and time to ensure there are minimum faults.

Shipping and Delivery

Orders are processed within 4-6 weeks. This excludes weekends and public holidays.
The Srandard Shipping time is approximately 5-7 business days, whereas Express Shipping takes approximately 3-5 business days. However, this is only possible within Pakistan and there are no shipping costs for delivery within Pakistan.
For international shipping, shipping time depends of logistic partners and other affiliates.

Exchange and Returns 

Faiza Saqlain ensures the best service. They do not have an exchange or refund policy.