An online platform that caters fashion and trend for women and men. Bringing out the latest looks for less is their motto.

Eveen provides party décor supplies, men and women’s clothing, health and beauty products, home and living accessories and plush toys. Whether you are getting dressed up for a casual university or work day or a formal gathering, you have all the options to explore from Eveen.

How about a warm and comfy hoodie or sweatshirt paired up with coloured slides and a pair of jeans can make a wonderful university outfit, or perhaps a neatly stitched denim shirt with white pants to kick start the day with, or a elephant plush toy to use as a baby’s comforting toy to for him to sleep on? Eveen has got you covered.

Their variety is not limited. They stock makeup products, tripod stands, scented candles, jewellery boxes, child boosters, decorative cups and mugs, watches, hand and crossbody bags, toddler ride-ons, ear-rings and studs, phone casings, makeup storage pouches, sleepwear, jewellery stands, jewellery sets with lockets and ear-rings, night lamps, light garlands and much more.

To sum up in a nutshell, you can purchase products for daily use, storage, styling or events and that too in less. The products are good quality and durable.


Currently, they are running a flat 60% off deal with so many exciting deals. Products are down to 60% off. Woah!

Delivery and Exchange Policy

Eveen has a 4 days exchange policy with PKR 200 cash on delivery.

Javeria Fahad (16-10-19)