Drama Dushman e Jaan is a murder mystery that was first aired on ARY Digital on 28 May 2020.
Directed by Amin Iqbal, produced by Six Sigma Productions and written by Sarwat Nazir, the drama aired every week from Monday to Friday.
Uptil now 10 episodes have been aired and the first few have been building up the plot with many turns and twists taking place. However, this has been one of the very few instances where Mohib Mirza has played a negative role.
The story begins from a very strong and focused girl named Ramsha (played by Tooba Siddique) and a baffled and puzzled man, Hatim (played by Mohib Mirza). Ramsha belongs to a very needy family who depends on all what Ramsha brings home. On the contrary, Hatim comes from a emotionally and behaviourally dysfunctional family, with multiple disagreements going around, all the time. All this has built a very complexed personality of Hatim and he has developed a deficit of trust and a false image of women.
Because Hatim does not have any emotional bonding with either of his parents, he is a perplexed individual with immense hatred and disrespect for women in his heart and behaviour.
After a few episodes, Ramsha, being the only bread winner of her family, agrees to tie a knot with Hatim, sacrificing her fiance with whom she had been engaged with since the past two years. This was a deal between Ramsha and Hatim’s mother. Ramsha’s sole aim behind this is the treatment of her brother, who urgently needs a kidney transplant. However, not everything does not happen as planned and Ramsha pays the cost of the desires of eliminating all problems of her family by losing her life.
Life is gradually getting hard for Ramsha’s family, now that they are struggling for every dime, whereas Hatim is feeling guilty over all that he had done to Ramsha. He feels ashamed and guilty of the way he dragged Ramsha out of the car and left her in an abandoned place, where she was abducted, later raped and killed.
Let’s see what happens next. What excites me the most is to see whether Hatim would pay for all the damage that he has caused or not.
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Javeria Fahad