Delizia is a bakery and dessert shop, that serves delicious desserts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. They see located in DHA, Karachi.

It is a European inspired bakery that started in 2014. The aim was to elicit authentic European tate in Karachi. Within 2 years, Delizia succeeded in setting up several outlets in Karachi.

Taste : The taste is delicious and with the variety Delizia offers, it is a chance to enjoy sugary treats that are just an order away.

The cakes, cupcakes, brownies have a large variety to serve you.

Ingredients : Delizia claims to use premium quality ingredients in whatever they bake.

Home Delivery : Delizia provides home delivery and that too with in the desired time frame. They ensure the cakes, desserts are not damaged during the delivery.

Customer Service : Delizia has poor customer service. It has been noticed that they do not cater to the problem on their own, rather prefer to transfer the calls to other branches and representatives.

Consistency of service : Many people have different views about Delizia.

Some of them have had a terrible experience with Delizia whilst others have had a wonderful experience.

Many have complained that the goods being ordered are stale whereas others have had a great flavourful experience.

Some believe the cakes are not of the desired weight and they measure less, whilst others have a different opinion.

Many people feel the goodies are not always of the same taste and appearance while others have never eaten any thing better than Delizia.

Many have recommended their delivery service whilst others say, they have received poor quality and damaged goods.

There are different opinions regarding Delizia, with most of them being against the bakery.  Delizia has not manged to bring everyone on the same page by providing consistent service and flavour.

However, it could be a personal preference of taste and quality.

Contact Details: Delizia can be reached at +92 345 4775500


[email protected]

Please have a look at their website to see what they offer.

Javeria Fahad (28-01-20)