Deaf Tawk is the brainchild of a group of individuals who felt the lack of understanding and a gap between the listeners and the non listeners (deaf).

Wamiq Hassan, hard of hearing and the Co-Founder of Deaf Tawk came up with this initiative in order to bridge the gap between deaf and listeners. The sole reason behind this was to ensure easy comprehension and communication for deaf people with help through sign language. This could be done through online interpreters.

The aim of Deaf Tawk is to eliminate all hassles in the way of communication that the deaf experience on daily basis. It was to be kept on mind that there may be different scenarios in which interpretation might have been needed. Thus, Dead Tawk came into existence and now sign /language interpretation service is provided in job interviews, films and music.

In this techsavvy, digital era, it’s is wry important that one should be connected to technology for the survival of fittest. To cater to this need, Deaf Tawk has launched a mobile app that help interpreters and the deaf to register accordingly. The app is free of cost. It is available on Apple Store and Play Store. The best part of this is that this app works worldwide.

Interpreters at Deaf Tawk are available 2r hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a team of 320 online interpreters who have expertise in different sign languages.

The process of registering with Deaf Tawk is very simple. As soon as you have registered, you can schedule an appointment for when you require their service.

Deaf Tawk team is internationally recognised and it is not restricted to a single gender. Moreover, Deaf Tawk has teamed up with various international businesses like Deaf Reach to train their interpreters and provide them globally recognised and approved training. This has led to high quality services.

Wigh over 11,000 customers on board, Deaf Tawk has indirectly employed over 400 employees.


  • Virtual Interpreters

To narrow the communication gap between listeners and non listeners, thus round the clock, 7 days a week facility is present for customers. This service is not limited to a single part of the world.

  • Certified Interpreters

With an extensive experience of teaching and practising sign language in various capacities, interpreters provide service according to customers’ needs.

  • Multilingual Interpreters

Deaf Tawk is expanding its genre of languages and signs for people from various parts of the world and tends to provide service for languages from across the globe.

  • Online Sign Classes¬†

Online sign classes are provided on monthly basis to assist those who are genuinely interested in acquiring this skill.

  • Certifications

Certified training with GAATES foundation is also provided under the umbrella of Deaf Tawk.

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Javeria Fahad