Today we are going to review some shoes(Khussas) from Dazzle By Sarah. This brand with a soul, in addition, to providing high-quality khussa’s with wear to markets around the world. The founder of the company hopes to use profits to provide sustainable wages for the native craftspeople as well as maintaining the integrity and the true cottage industry.

so, these are the shoes all in this traditional style. Khussa basically means ballet flat and they are all handmade in Pakistan.

Dazzle By Sarah provides a bunch of different designs, this one is one of the fabric designs, you can see it has this like satiny maroon wonderfulness, going on to the base they are made of Indian Raw silk base, complemented with Gold Mukaish and Tilla work.

These khussa’s are made with leather so that they mold to your foot which is really nice and comfortable. Especially for the brides. I love the art and the finish because I have such a hard time with wearing flats because of you having a flat foot is always an issue.

So, I guess on or what my deal is any way they are so insanely comfortable.  The insole has a wonderful bit in the middle that is padded and it which makes it super cushy to wear, and like I said the leather just mold it to your foot, so, one of the cool thins about these is that there is no right and left foot, Khussa’s are both shaped the same, so you just flip them on!

From simple plain to bridal and wedding, this brand has tons of variety of different designs, if you are not into crazy designs they have embroidered one which is amazingly beautiful. These have such a nice little rubber sole that’s textured, so it’s not too slippery.  

I have been wearing these a ton lately it been super hot in Pakistan, you can wear these with dresses, party wear, a wedding they are just so easy to wear it, they are comfortable and very beautiful.

Dazzle By Sarah also offers customized Khussas, which is great you can easily select your own dered texture or color or your size whatever you want they have all the details listed on to their website.

I totally recommend this brand as they are handmade, you are supporting women and good stuff, so I think that they are well worth the price. I am absolutely in love with these, I really think that I might get another pair or two because they are always unique and just so easy to slip into.

So,  you can check it out they have a ton of really interesting on their website and I am telling you there are so many fun designs, I mean look at all of these, they are so beautiful.

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