Drama serial Damsa has just embarked on its journey of being screened on ARY Digital on 2 December 2019.


The cast includes none other than the famous Nadia Jamil, Shahood Alvi and Ismat Zaidi along with many more like Momal Sheikh and Talat Hussain. Emaan Khan is starring as the child actress, playing ‘Damsa’ who is the main character in the drama.


The story in the drama highlights the catastrophic truth underlying in our Pakistani society. This bitter reality prevails in our country unlike any other misery that exists.

The drama is a depiction of the most heartwrenching cult, that is Child Abduction and Trafficking. The drama outlines this nuisance in our society, where girls, especially of young age are kidnapped and sold like goods to child mafias and agencies who are involved in this horrendous crime.

Young girls from around the country are kidnapped, raped, molested or trafficked just for a few pennies. They are treated as objects to satisfy lust and desires of the filth of this world. Girls are sent around the world in exchange of money and used for wrong means by mafias.



The main purpose to create this drama is to create awareness of Child protection and how to play your individual role in protecting your child/children from the nasties hoarding around us everyday.

The aim is to impart education amongst people to inculcate the knowledge of playing one’s role and becoming a hindrance in the way of these ruthlessly frustrated people who use children, specifically girls as trading objects to earn money.

Since this drama serial is addressing a very important topic, it is a must watch for everyone. Please watch Damsa so we can save many children to be one of those who’ve been a target already.

Let’s save our children and their innocence.

Javeria Fahad (04-12-19)