The Covid’19 Pandemic emerged from within a city that lead to widespread of this virus like blazing virus. With the devastating spread throughout the globe, now Pakistan has been struck by the Covid’19 and each passing day seems to show a massive increase in the number of cases. Each day appears to be frustrating and thwarting. The situation due to the crisis is getting out of control and hard to overcome.Pakistan clerics to resume group prayers in mosques even as govt extends lockdown - The Week

The spread is stirring up panic for a number of reasons. The virus is new hence unknown for innumerable reasons, the cure still seems to be conditional for each person and people do not have a preexisting immunity to the virus. Sadly, there is also no vaccine available as yet. It is a novel virus and its newness seems to provide little or no history about it.

However, to bring the country at peace and bring the numbers down, The Government of Pakistan is making strenuous efforts.

Corona Virus Infection Advisors

This facility is managed by UHS and Citrus Telemedicine and gives you access to :

  • log in as a Corona Advisor (the health professionals working for this platform)
  • connect for advice from health professionals
  • register yourself as a Corona Advisor

This is a tele-consult facility for the affected people. Patients can get in touch with doctors available online for their expert opinions and guidance to fight the virus through the following link, depending on their location:

Alternatively, call at 0304 111 2101

To help people treat and get the right advice, organisations and facilities like, UHS Lahore, IPH, Disaster Relief by Irish and Pakistanis, APPNA One, APPSUK, SZABMU Islamabad, RMU Rawalpindi, CHL Lahore, Jinnah Hospital Lahore, NMU Multan, P&SHC Lahore and others are working 24/7.

List of Laboratories for Corona Virus Testing/ Isolation Locations

Please consult the following snapshot of the list of laboratories which are conducting testing for the Corona Virus. Many have now started doing Drive-Thru testing to prevent from the spread of this horrendous virus. Alternatively, use the link for better read. Also visit the following mentioned link for information on Isolation Centres in Pakistan.
Pakistan Links Some of Its 21 Coronavirus Cases to Syria | Voice of America - English
Global Real-time Figures
To get to know the real-time statistics in Pakistan and around the world, please use the following link:

Ways to Prevent Corona Virus

Ministry of Planning,Development & Special Initiatives

To prevent yourself from being a victim of the Covid’19, there are a few precautionary steps that can be taken. These are:

  • Hand washing with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Covering cough and sneeze with tissue
  • Using hand sanitizer when soap and water is unavailable
  • Avoiding crowded places and huge gatherings
  • Avoiding contact with a positive Corona Virus victim
  • Use surgical mask, if mask gets wet or dirty with secretions, it must be changed immediately
  • Taking warm fluids and steam to protect from falling prey to the virus
  • Increasing Vitamin C intake to build immunity
  • Avoiding contact with anyone with symptoms of respiratory illness
  • In case of exposure to a positive case, isolation and quarantine are common public health strategies used to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Isolation and quarantine can keep people who are sick or exposed to illness isolated for a defined period of time to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.
Measures by The Government of Pakistan
  • Public/Poor’s Relief

Nationwide Ehsas Emergency Cash Program, USC Package , Industrial Package for workers , Daily Wages Labor Package, Electricity / Gas Bills, Tax Break on Health & Food Supplies are being run side by side to facilitate the poor, unemployed and homeless who are affected severely by the virus.

  • Business/ Economic Relief

This includes Construction Industry Relaxations, Payment for Farmers / Exporters Relief , Agriculture / SMEs, Tax Relaxations.

  • Donation

The PM COVID Fund, NDMA Fund and Emergency Funds are open for all sorts of donations by the affording.

  • Volunteer

The Tiger Relief Force (TRF) can be registered for Joint Work by anyone to help out the affected people.

  • Covid’19 Whatsapp HelplineGovt launches Covid-19 helpline on WhatsApp

The Covid’19 Whatsapp Helpline is just a text away. Send ‘Hi’ to 0300 111 1166 and get access to information, such as your nearest laboratories for testing and updates on the virus. This facility is available in 7 languages.

Also, please download the Corona Virus Mobile App (MOITT),to keep yourself updated. This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.


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Stay Home, Stay Safe !

Javeria Fahad