It was in the air that Condis, which is a Spanish Superstore has planned to invest S1 Billion in Pakistan. A six men delegation visited Multan, Rawalpindi, Jehlum and Islamabad, with the sole purpose of investing a huge amount in Pakistan.

The Spanish Director spoke about his views on importing Spanish products to Pakistan and exporting Pakistani products to Spain. He also expressed his opinion on how liveable Pakistan is, just like any other country.

This investment in Pakistan has benefits, leading to strengthening the ties between Pakistan and Spain.

Today 31-10-19, Condis’s grand opening event is going to take place, which is located at M.M Alam Road. Their brand partners are HibaLife, Nestle Lactogrow, Nestle Nesvita, Nestle Milk Pak, TCL (The Creative Life), Nescafe, KOKOKRUNCH, Nestle Buniyad, Nestle NIDO, Nestle NAN GROW, Nestle Milo, Pepsi, SAMSUNG, Ideas by Gul Ahmed, ChangHong Ruba and Coca Cola.

Shopping will now be done at ease with a store at a convenient location, in the hub of Lahore. To see how the store will look like, please click on the following link:



Yesterday, on 30th October 2019, their soft opening too place which was organized by Hadiyya Aazer from Social.Inc. The event was a success. Bloggers and influencers were also invited, such as Zeeshan from thedadgram and the syed sisters.



The opening event was overwhelming. The aisles were designated and distinctly set up, from toys to electronics to vegetables and fresh produce, to beauty, hygiene, fragrances and much more. They also have a deli section which has all sorts of treated olives, cheeses, meat and other items.


With lots of discounts and offers starting soon, it is the right time to hop on and pay a visit to Condis for your next shopping spree.


Currently, their website is under construction and maintenance.

Feliz Compra! Happy Shopping!

Javeria Fahad (31-10-19)