If you love photography you are in the right place! Today we are going to review one of the most famous photography agency – “Concept One Studios”. So, let’s just dig in right there!

Every single week they upload photography, behind the scene video you don’t have to miss on all the goodness so, here I am going to talk about how this agency works what are their criteria, requirements, how they use that on Light in the studio that we all need for that one best shot! Using one light is not as easy as it looks, there’s a lot of different things that go into using one flash in a studio or outdoors.

When getting great light in the studio using only one flash its all about the placement of the light.

How to create that nice sculpting effect on models face that’s very flattering, getting a reflection of light, more flexibility when posing and that is only the work of a professional.




  • Fashion Diaries
  • Digital Marketing
  • Wedding Stories
  • Corporate Excellence

Photography Events:

  • Nikkah & Engagement
  • Birthday/Graduation
  • Portrait Sessions
  • Studio Portraits
  • Wedding Photoshoot
  • Wedding Event Coverage
  • Drone Upgrade
  • Solo Photoshoot

Wedding Bundle Categories: 

  1. Gold Wedding Bundle
  2. Platinium Wedding Bundle
  3. Premium Wedding Bundle
  4. Silver Wedding Bundle

Photoshoot Categories:

  1. Premium Photoshoot
  2. Gold Photoshoot
  3. Platinium Photoshoot
  4. Silver Photoshoot

Photography Coverage Categories:

  1. Premium Photography Coverage
  2. Gold Photography Coverage
  3. Platinium Photography Coverage
  4. Silver Photography Coverage

Family Photoshoots


Wedding Anniversary 






Solo Photoshoot 


Nikkah / Engagement 


A Team of Professionals:

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