Cheezain etc. is a platform for fashionable and trending home accessories. It is a brand that caters ingenuity and fair pricing.

The brand believes in corners and spaces around the house can make life easy and things reachable.

People usually overlook the importance of a well designed living space or work space, but actually, it lays a big impact upon our mental health and how we feel about our environment. It can make you feel happy even when there is nothing to be happy about and sad, if it is messy or undone.

Cheezain etc. helps curate a personal space that attends to your aesthetics and preferences in order to aggravate your productivity.

Since the percentage of people who prefer online shopping over instore shopping has risen over the years, it has become easy to shop online rather than stepping out of the house for every tiny thing.

The philosophy behind Cheezain etc. is, For Women, By Women.







NIDA MIAN is a financial consultant who is experienced and passionate about designing. She has worked in Dubai and has graduated in Real Estate Finance from Harvard University.

Nida has worked on various flagship development projects with experienced planners, architects and interior designers.

Cheezain etc. is a project that is impact based and links her passion for design and educational qualifications.








MAHE ZEHRA is a mathematician who possesses a passion for design. Her educational qualifications are Pure Mathematics and Operations Research. She has attended University of Texas, Austin.

Mahe Zehra believes the best part of the day is when you come to a pleasant environment.


Mahe Zehra works in a software company at day time and works for her craft blog at night time. Not only this, she is also a published and recognized author and an entrepreneur.

Cheezain etc. is the brain child of Mahe Zehra and Nida, who work hard to bring name and fame to it.


The quality of wall hangings, wall decor, home accessories are beyond amazing. They textures are soft and colors are vibrant. The colors do not fade away. Not only this, but the fabric is of good quality. The seams are continuous too.


The price of each product is very reasonable. The prices are according to quality and market standards.

Javeria Fahad (13-02-20)