Chattu Watta offers it’s customers food service along with home delivery services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This small scale business has just started a couple of months ago by a home maker.

Chattu Watta’s Instagram page is populated with many recipes and their tutorials. To try them out, please visit their Instagram page.

Menu and Prices

Chattu Watta’s Desi Ghee is very famous among it’s customers. A jar of 1 kilo Desi Ghee costs PKR 1,200.

Spring rolls ( 12 pieces) cost PKR 360. These include vegetables along with shredded chicken.

Chicken tikka cheese samosas cost PKR 360 for 12 pieces and PKR 200 for 6 pieces. Chicken tikka samosas without cheese cost PKR 240 for 12 pieces and PKR 150 for 6 pieces.

Their menu also includes dishes like chicken fajita pasta, frozen nuggets, baked pasta, garlic cheese sticks, choco slab, beef burgers, kehkashan, pineapple walnut dessert, chicken alfredo pasta, chicken steaks, Thai chicken, eclair dessert, alu samosas and much more.

Despite all these items on the menu, there needs to be addition to their menu. This would attract customers. However, this approach of a limited menu is also appreciated. This means, the owner is not bragging about items she is unsure of and feels comfortable with items she has a strong grip on and would not fail to satisfy her customers.

Taste  and Hygiene 

Since Chattu Watta is a home based food service, it has managed to impressed many families with the same homemade taste. The items prepared are all homemade with clean and hygienic measures ensured.

Taste of home made food along with hygiene is what Chattu Watta delivers to it’s customers.


The serving size of items provides is reasonable and worth the money. The nuggets, rolls, samosas do not seem very small or lacking filling or ingredients. They suffice the purpose and are value for money.

Delivery Charges

  • Orders above PKR 2,000 are free of cost.
  • Orders above PKR 1,200 can avail PKR 100 discount on delivery charges.

Items are also available for pick up.

Please note, all orders need to be placed a day in advance.

Precautions and COVID’19

At this point in time, knowing how terribly the Coronavirus is hitting the country, all necessary measures are being taken by Chattu Watta.

The minute ingredients enter their kitchen, they are disinfected and cleaned prior to use.

The delivery drivers are also taking their precautions by wearing gloves and masks.

Homemade frozen items during Ramadan always fascinate women and families who love to get together and munch in all fried and baked items for iftaar. It has always been a tradition of Pakistani families. Every family ensures they sit together for iftaar and celebrate the essence of Ramadan.

Chatta Wattu has made this easier as this would save your time and energy and enable you to enjoy home made goods within the convenience of your own home.

Also, this means, ample time to pray and worship rather than spending hours in the kitchen for iftaar time.

Place your orders now and do not forget to share your reviews!

Javeria Fahad