Chal Raha Hoon, as the name suggests means walking amid all the difficulties one comes across everyday. The perception of this song is much more than a song; a powerful yet motivational message for each and everyone going through trials and tribulations of this world. Whether you’re happy, sad, frowned, hopeful or in despair.


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Considering the lyrics written and sung by Umair Jaswal, member of Qayaas band, and one of the most well known member of the Jaswal family from Islamabad, the song is a set of lyrics that is carrying a strong message. Anyone can relate to it, no matter what the circumstances are.

The versatile singer, Umair penned down his thoughts and personal experience beautifully. This was written down when Umair was in his university, eight years ago. Reminiscing wgat happened with him and how hurtful it feels when a beloved leaves and a relationship is put to end is what the story behind the song is. Hence, the song acts as a strong reminder as to how he has kept walking and moving ahead of what he had faced, explaining how nothing stops and things keep going. The world doesn’t end with relationships. With such a situation all of us have dealt with and experienced.

Ever thought of losing your beloved? Many of us might have lost our siblings, parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, friends etc. That’s how it is. People come and go.

However, there was a lack of melody in the song. The song was deliberately sung at a slow pace which did not gain much attention of the audience. The rock singer had to show emotional shifts in his voice, which he couldn’t do very well, unfortunately.

Even then, Coke Studio 12 has our mind and heart. The efforts put in each and every song this season, is a revival after two horrendously unsuccessful seasons.


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Javeria Fahad (11-11-19)