Today we are going to be giving a review that I know a lot of you guys love or hate pretty much you do it because you have to! we are going to be talking about wedding photography and more specifically “ChaarBhai” photography. So, let’s get to it!

Deciding what to shoot and how to shoot it, all come together and when it comes to pictures, editing is always a challenge it plays an important role as it makes your workflow bit more effective some of them are like Color Coding, Rating, Color Correction, Exporting.

Photography is an art, most fun and creative – capturing different photos with different types of lighting whether its an indoors or outdoors shoot. ChaarBhai is one of the well-known photography team in Pakistan, they’re extremely talented and very cooperative. The team has an eye for seeing things that will make absolutely fantastic pictures. It’s shown from their work that they truly love what they do by making the events more memorable and fantabulous.

They have a positive and super friendly attitude while working due to which their clients feel very comfortable. If you are looking forward to your wedding event coverage photography I would definitely recommend ChaarBhai.ChaarBhai is a full-time team of professional photographers that offers following services:


  • Event Coverage
  • Bridal Shoots
  • Videography

Photography Events:


Video Categories: 

Videos can put a life in your events, so why not try their multiple video coverage options.

  • Whole Film.
  • Feature Film.
  • Highlights.
  • Dances.
  • Entrances.
  • Gents Coverage.
  • Shoot Video.
  • Rasam
  • StoryBoard

Photography Album Categories:

They offer a wide range of photo selection as per your need. Available options are mentioned below:


We are able to check their availability and book them on our desired dates by providing the details.







Location: Islamabad, Pakistan.

Bookings: National and International.

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