Sana Fakhar just released her Abs and workout routine and in case you haven’t seen her Abs they are pretty awesome. So, I am really into seeing if celebrity stuff is practical because I want to see it and its actually hard. laying down never works you need to get up and gotta move! Let’s see this workout:

Abs Workout: 11 Minutes

The good thing about this workout is the only thing that you need:

What You Need:

  • Timer
  • Water
  • Mat (optional)

You can use a yoga mat, or probably use a towel, set your timer and get into it.


If you are heating 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day but you are doing like a kick-butt 1,000 calorie workout you are still not going to have that calorie negative. So, on average you know for average-sized women usually they have to stick somewhere between 1,200 to 1,500 calories a day for weight loss and so even just for everyday life if you are eating more than 1500 calories a day chances are you’re going to gain weight.

So, you got to count your calories and once you start getting used to the average meal size that is between 3 – 500 calories for an average woman.


The snacks should be between about 60 – 200 calories. But then it’s not just about the calories it is also about the quality of nutrients what are those nutrients that you are choosing, you have to make sure you are getting your mixture of following: So, that the cells have the nutrients that they need.

  1. Protein
  2. Carb
  3. Healthy Carbohydrates
  4. Healthy fat

You should still train those core muscles in specific core exercises and then, of course, total body strength training is going to boost your metabolic rate and you’re going to be using your core muscles every time you lift heavy weight and every time you do a total body movement and then cardio. Cardio is just going to help you with the calorie burn so that you are going to burn more calories throughout the day as well as have a greater calorie output by the end of the day, which helps in burning more fat. When you mix up the type of cardio exercises you can also recruit the core.

Sana Fakhar is a role model not only for fitness levels but also for young mothers after giving birth to some time early she is focusing on getting back into shape earlier the actress did yoga but now she is working really hard to shed the pounds. She has been doing proper workouts.

Sana not only loses weight but her abs and fitness routine is making a tremendous spark in the Pakistani industry. Sana’s actual aim was not just to lose weight overnight but it may take longer and she wants to feel light happy and energetic throughout the process and that is important.

You need to feel comfortable when you are comfortable you feel confident and when you are confident the world’s your oyster. when the weight-loss industry spoke about the harmful carbs and cutting them off should excellent results.

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