Today, we are going to share a little review of it, for those of you who don’t know – Catnap basically sells really really affordable clothing like questionably reasonable.

Let’s just get right into it. So, first, I am going to start off with a night suit. Just a really simple black silk and it’s actually really nice. I have already worn it. Great stuff with pretty little detail via matching trouser, that came with it, fabric feels pretty standard, These are actually super cute.

It’s good to have these lightweight pajamas for your daily comfort. Catnap is also known for relaxation type outfits; like robes and stuff.

It’s in black, and so gorgeous, the thing I like about it the most is it didn’t wrinkle like typical as silk usually winkles a lot, it’s too soft and comfy with a matching set, with cute little nightwear, gown with little nice straps along, and shorts. This is just a really good quality, its a price you pay for something that looks good and feels super nice.

Catnap comes with different designs and colors, some of them are like floral and pretty gorgeous with small little details. If you want to look super expensive while on a budget this is definitely the store for you, especially for night wear like feel these look super expensive but they are not, these are really well priced.

Catnap’s unique way of delivering their outfits is really impressive and splendid. Check it out!


Catnap offers: 

  • Night Wear (2 Piece).
  • Night Wear (3 Piece).
  • One-Piece Long Gown.
  • Customized Night Wear.



  • Men.
  • Women.
  • Kids.
  • Bridal Sets.
  • Bridal Shower.
  • For “Mommies” To be.



  • Silk
  • Velvet


  1. Do not Tumble Dry.
  2. Do not Wring.
  3. Gentle Machine Wash (One spin only).
  4. Colors may bleed – Wash dark colors separately.


  • Price all sets: Rs. 2150.
  • Delivery Charges Rs. 300, Karachi: 150-200.
  • Delivery Time: 9-10 Working Days.
  • Urgent Orders: Rs. 300 (Extra Charges).
  • No Exchange/Return.
  • Customized Silk Nightsuits: Rs. 300 (Extra Charges).

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