Capital Delights is a well known business now, which was back then a small home based business. It was a woman’s passion for cooking that turned into a great business plan and home based restaurant.

Serving the capital city Islamabad since the past many years, Capital Delights has managed to win hearts of people all around Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Ever since it’s discovery, they have been offering free home delivery to nearby areas, G 10 Markaz being their location at first.

Recently, they have set up a dine in space located in Pakland Business Centre, I 8 Markaz. It is a well developed area and the sitting space is good enough.


The cuisines prepared by Capital Delights are Pakistani, Chinese, Italian and a wide range of Desserts.

Ramadan Deals

Capital Delights is offering Ramadan platters which seem to be quite fascinating. These are called Ramadan Dastarkhuwan 1 and 2.

Dastarkhuwan 1 costs PKR 399 and serves one person only. However, it is a full meal with iftar plus dinner items for a single person.

Dastarkhuwan 2 is a two persons serving. This consists of iftar and dinner items to satisfy your hunger cravings. This Dastarkhuwan costs PKR 649.

Apart from these platters, they are also offering frozen items. Frozen items tend to facilitate people by saving time, energy and the hassle of going to the shops and procuring ingredients, especially at this crucial stage where the Covid’19 is at a boom.

Food Items and Variety

Capital Delights serves various types of cuisines, Chinese, Italian and Pakistani.

Despite this, their lasagne has always been the talk of the town. The cheese that just melts inside your mouth with heaps of delicious flavours and handsome amount of meat. Not only this, their brownies are also very delicious.

Believe you me, when I say their lasagne and brownies are delicious. They have been my major food crush ever since the inception of Capital Delights.

The brownies literally melt inside your mouth with their gooey and chocolatey textures.

The lasagne comes in three different sizes and you may choose the size according to your need.

Please, take a look at their menu card for more information on their food items.







Quality and Hygiene

Due to the fact that the business originated from home, initially, there is a lot of emphasis upon quality and hygiene of the food.

Capital Delights does not compromise upon quality and hygiene. The size, ingredients, taste and quality never fails to impress, be it existing customers or new customers.


Even in this crucial time, when the world is facing this catastrophic calamity in the form of COVID-19, Capital Delights has got you covered all over Islamabad city.

Delivery timings are 02:00 pm uptil 02:30 am.

Their delivery locations are mentioned in the photo attached below :

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Javeria Fahad