We are going to review an online brand “Cake Me Away”. So let’s just dive into it!

Cake Me Away – is a place where you can check out different cakes available of different categories. They have uploaded different pictures of their customized cakes on their facebook page.

So, if you are looking for something like birthday cakes, anniversary cakes or something you can easily go and select that particular cake, they will provide you with the details of the cake and the cost of it.

It looks pretty good and cute, it’s a solid cake. I feel everyone had this for their birthday growing up, except me. Thanks to Mom. The texture is great, it’s moist – almost like impossibly moist. They layer it with chocolate frosting – it is a pretty classic red and kinds of fits really cute that you couldn’t imagine like diving into. The frosting its fluffy and pretty next-level.

Cakes of this brand are all insanely moist and they stay that way for a while not only that I have had any leftover cake and eat it for breakfast.





These cupcakes are also from Cakemeaway, they are so cute and it’s so different, unlike anything I have ever had.

Cupcake is one of the latest in the cake style from the past few years and they couldn’t have made it any cuter than the actual minions.

Since cupcakes are usually piled high with frosting and a little treat so the color, the texture. It is lightweight, they also have different color combinations and cartoon characters cute little cupcakes.

I definitely recommend this brand do try it out and make your special days more memorable!


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