Café de Champs-Elysees is a fine dining inspired café in Sialkot. It is located at the poshest area in Sialkot, Cantonment Area on A111 Mirza Afzal Road Sialkot Cantt, 51300. the café offers quality food, great ambiance and a wonderful surrounding to cherish.

The name of this café birthed with the inspiration from The Champs-Elysees, that is a famous avenue in Paris, France. The Elysian Fields are a depiction of someone’s thought of the street being ‘heaven on earth.’  It is one of the most famous marketable streets. Inspired by this fact, Café de Champs-Elysees is a true depiction of heaven on earth.

Usually cafes are a typical coffee shop that serves coffee and some snacks, but this café is not just it. It is more than just a coffee shop. A research that I conducted a while ago said, the word ‘café’ is spelled ‘caffe’ in Italian, however it is spelled ‘café’ in English, Spanish and French.

Anyways, without much ado, let us get back to raving about this café which is beyond that.

Café de Champs Elysees offers a mesmerizing dining experience with a menu that blows up your mind. With the emerging trend of cafés and patisseries in Pakistan, it is hard to identify which café will come up to your expectations. Many will just be a hit and try, otherwise, the taste will vary upon each visit.

Entailing customer service and a friendly environment is their top priority and you can bet on that.  With a highly friendly branch staff, a beautiful smile accompanying the greeting when you enter the café is witnessed on each visit. The ambiance is friendly and welcoming and so is the sight of the food.  The menu is reasonably priced, so it caters middle-class people too. You can see your wallet and family smiling after you visit this place.

The menu offers countless varieties of sandwiches, pastas, burgers, coffees, tea, bite-size or full-size assorted desserts and pastries, fried chicken, pizzas, hot beverages and Chinese variations.

Recently, they have launched their HI-Tea platter which is good for two.  The platter consists of a three-tier platter full of goodness to share with your partner followed by a pasta as a side and two beverages. The platter costs PKR 1395, which is not too bad.

At the end, what you gain is a happy tummy, a happy family and a happy wallet.


To book and inquire, you can reach them at  +92 333 6646507

Javeria Fahad (09-10-19)