What I have got today, I have stuff from a site called Bytes.pk, you guys have probably heard from them. It’s like a really affordable online store.  So, today I want to give some reviews about the stuff and what I think of it, I hope this is helpful to you guys and that you enjoy it. Let’s just get started. 


  1. Winter Collection
  2. Jumpsuits
  3. T-Shirts
  4. Fifth Avenue
  5. Accessories


Winter Collection: 

Just going to start off with this cute pink hoodie and I absolutely love it and I think it was super cute for winters with the “crazy cat Lady”  quote and cat ears cap.

It’s really warm and cozy, it’s not like a scratchy sweater, this will keep you very contained. Its a long hoodie for me, I’ve worn this like quite a few time and I always get compliments on it.

This trendy piece, on the front it has two pockets, it’s just a plain pink hoodie. I think they are really cool especially like on clothing and I really like how it looks because it’s simple but its also really like aesthetic cute, looks super awesome with blue jeans or leggings and no shoes or whatever, it fit super well on me.

Bytes.pk makes really nice products and this one’s about around 1,999 in a range and now its on sale for Rs. 1,149. The overall style and quality is really nice for the price, you can get hoodies there in different designs and cute colors as well.





So, here is another purchase from bytes.pk, this is the very first jumpsuit item that I have purchased online, I am so obsessed with jumpsuits and the styles I saw on their site its awesome. So, I got this maroon jumpsuit, my all time favorite color.

This jumpsuit is kind of baggy and loose fit, which is great. I like to be comfortable. It’s stretchy, its loose and it’s not tight, it has pockets. It’s super classy and trendy with full sleeves you don’t have to worry about the matching tank tops, they have a variety of jumpsuits in different colors and its difficult to decide which one to order. Its loose but not baggy, great to wear out for partying or treats. So yeah its pretty cool!

It’s inexpensive and affordable as compared to the design and style, I got this in RS 2,799 and it’s totally worth the price.

Bytes has a lot more different varieties of stuff present on their online store, I totally recommend you guys to go check it out and enjoy the new winter pieces of stuff from there and do share your reviews with us. Cheers!



Below are some of my favorite stuff:




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