Burger King Pakistan is an international fast food chain that is running successfully in Pakistan since the past many years. Burger King has more than 11 million guests visiting their restaurants all around the world. It was founded in 1954 and is known for it being the second largest fast food hamburger chain.

Burger King is known for their high-quality and great taste along with food at reasonable prices. Not to forget, Burger King is widely known for it’s double whopper beef burgers. Their double whoppers are extremely juicy and created with fine beef.

Special Offers and Delivery Deals

Delivery Deal 1

2 Chicken Whopper Burgers and 2 Drinks at PKR 599

Cricket Madness

2 Long Chicken Burgers , 2 Tendergrill Burgers and 4 Drinks for PKR 999

Triple Treat

3 Spicy Crispy Chicken Burgers and 3 Drinks for PKR 549.

Chatpata Chicken Burger

Chicken Chatpata Burger for PKR 150

Chatpata Chicken Burger with Drink

Enjoy Chicken Chatpata Burger with Drink only for PKR 199

Chatpata Chicken Burger Meal

Enjoy Chicken Chatpata Burger, Drink and Fries for PKR 299

Jalapeno chicken Burger

Jalapeno Chicken Burger for PKR 550.


Family King Boxes

Value King Box

This Value King Box consists of 2 Junior Whopper Burgers, 2 Spicy Crispy Chicken Burgers, 4 Drinks and 2 Fries at a reasonable cost of PKR 1,290.

Classic King Box

The Classic King Box contains 2 Spicy Crispy Chicken Burgers, 2 Chicken Big King Burger, 2 Fries, and 1 Large Drink for PKR 1,590.

Deal For Two

Deal for two includes 2 Chicken Big King Burgers, 2 Small Fries and 2 Small Drink only for PKR 899.

King’s Treat Deal 1

This King’s Treat Deal consists of 1 Tender Grill Burger, 1 Drink and Fries only for PKR 399.

King’s Treat Deal 2

This King’s Treat Deal consists of 2 Long Chicken Burgers, 2 Drinks and 2 Fries only for PKR 749.

Flame Grilled Meals


The Whopper consists of a single Pattie only for PKR 540.

Double Whopper®

The Double Whopper consists of a double beef patties for PKR 640.

Original Steak Burger

The original steak burger consists of beef steak which is tender and juicy only for PKR 530.

Big King

Big King Burger costs PKR 550. It is a double pattie burger full of juices and flavours.

Double Decker Chicken Tikka Burger Meal

This double tikka pattie burger comes with fries and drink only for PKR 660.

Hot and Spicy Steak Burger

The Hot and Spicy Steak Burger is for PKR 530 and the flavours infused in the steak are hot and spicy.

Crispy and Tender

Chicken Whopper

This Burger costs PKR 510 and has chicken pattie with their signature whopper flavours.

Tendergrill Chicken

This Burger is juicy and tender only for PKR 510.

Long Chicken

The Long Chicken costs PKR 510 and is a long style burger.

Chicken Big King

This Big King also comes in chicken for PKR 450 only. It is a double pattie large size burger good for hungry tummies.

Hot & Spicy Chicken Steak Burger

The Hot and Spicy Burger also comes in chicken for the chicken lovers. This Burger costs PKR 550.

Original Chicken Steak Burger

The original chicken steak burger consists of a steak in chicken inside the burger bun. This does taste excellent only for PKR 550.

King Deals

There are different King Deals offered at Burger King Pakistan. These are:

Whopper JR® Meal

The Whopper Junior meal comes with small fries and a small drink only for PKR 325.

Spicy Crispy Chicken Meal

This meal consists of crispy chicken burger with small fries and drink. This costs PKR 325.

Chicken Cheese Meal

The chicken cheese burger is healthy and good for a snack. This comes with small fries and a small drink for PKR 325.

Chicken Tikka Meal

The chicken tikka meal includes a tikka flavoured chicken burger with small fries and drink. This meal costs around PKR 360.

Budget Bites

The budget fries includes french fries for PKR 150, spicy crispy chicken burger for PKR 245, whopper junior for PKR 245, Nuggets for PKR 300 and more.


Strawberry Sundae

Strawberry Sundae costs PKR 195. The creamy rich ice cream with handmade strawberry sauce is a delicious dessert.


Sides includes nuggets, fries, King rings and more.

Burger King can be reached via phone on their UAN number, that is 111 112 525.

Do try their burgers and/or meals and share your reviews down below!

Javeria Fahad (14-03-20)