Body Beat Recreational Centre is run by a team of professionals who are known as the pioneers of dance and fitness in Pakistan. The team comprises of skilled and experienced choreographers and instructors who treat each customer differently, by catering to their custom needs.

Wedding Choreography 

Are you planning the best dance brigade for your wedding? Do you have a bunch of friends who are willing to light up your big day but lack those moves to burn the dance floor?

You can simply book in with Body Beat to learn some amazing steps to your favourite songs that have been on the list for your big day.

Body Makeover 

Do you want to shape your body your way? Body Beat is starting a 42 day challenge which helps reduce weight with high intensity workout and exercises.

Classes for this Makeover will take place on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 07:30 pm to 08:30 pm.

Body Beat Dance Class

Get a chance to join Hasan Rizvi’s dance class at Body Beat every Tuesday and Thursday at 07:30 pm. This class will be all about crazy Bollywood moves.

Morning Fitness Mania

Morning fitness mania is all about your cardiovascular endurance in the morning. It provides your body with the ability to deliver oxygen to body tissues. This results in lowering the breathing rate.

Body Beat Recreational Centre is all about health, fitness and well-being of your brain and body. A health body helps keep the mental state healthy and sane.

The environment is clean and neat.

The results and outcome of services provided by Body Beat are great and there are heaps of customers who regularly enrol into challenges and activities at Body Beat.

Should you have any queries about Body Beat Recreational Centre, ring them up at 021 35841243.

Body Beat Recreational Centre is located in Karachi and there are huge number of celebrities who have taken benefit from their services.

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