This time I am going to review the Bioderma cleansing water, this is different from the green one but they pretty much do the same thing. I just wanted to kind of explain to you guys what exactly is Bioderma, if you are curious if you have not tried one or haven’t heard about them, before that they are basically a cleansing water and the reason they are called a micellar water is because they are the product originated in France and its basically like water with lots of tiny microscopic kind of oil and droplets inside of it.

So, suspended within the water, it looks like what it feels correct water but it isn’t just water obviously – you are not just paying like a lot of money just for a bottle of water.

It’s kind of oil-based and what it does is sort of attracts itself the little cells that attract themselves to all the dirt and makeup and grime on your face and gets rid of it, you put a little bit on the cotton pad like that and then just wipe around your whole face and it just basically removes. It is much¬†nicer on your skin and then things like a lot of people use that sort of like geese in place of a toner and maybe after you have taken your makeup off some people just like to use it as a toner and I prefer to use them originally to get my makeup off excellently, especially even like lipsticks and eye makeup and everything.

You can do your whole face on a couple of cotton pads but I always wash afterward and I know that the whole good thing behind it is that you are able to clean your skin like you don’t have to rinse it off but I would never leave it on my skin like I don’t get clean enough so I always double cleans afterward.

It’s just because of my skin needs to be 100% clean for going to be it or as I break out really easily, so it’s really good for me to have a very very clean skin after wearing a full face of makeup all day.

Some of the cheaper options out there, tough like cheaper dupes which are not true micellar waters do and have a little bit of like detergent and then more chemicals which it shouldn’t be quite a natural product but a lot of them have it and that’s such a shame.

After removing all your makeup gives you a slippery feel and it doesn’t feel is drying out certainly don’t feel the side feel little tighter just a smidgen tighter so its potentially down to as I say it doesn’t feel like sort of detergent or feeling irritated it worked perfectly well and very affordable!

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