In Coke Studio Season 12, Rohail Hayatt has brought another nostalgic song to life. Billo by Abrar ul Haq has broken records with 5.3 Million views on YouTube. The iconic Billo from the 90s by Abrar has made Pakistanis dance again. The lyrics are hilarious and with Coke Studio, the fusion song has made us relive our childhood.

The song is a true representation of Abrar’s fun and happy go lucky personality. The bhangra boy has made an amazing comeback with ‘Billo’ on Coke Studio. The punjabi element of the song has infused with rap, quirked and filled with Punjabi craze.

The Billo boy expresses his opinion about music as something that is spiritual, coming from within a person. One’s voice can create a strong impact, which is truly reflected in what he has sung. He says, if music is strong, you’ll hear it and get goosebumps. We totally agree. Billo gave us those goosebumps in a very energetic and powerfully nostalgic manner.


The rendition in the form of ‘Billo’ was Mr Hayatt’s second kick back attempt after Wohi Khuda Hai.

Please, do give it a listen, if you haven’t. Click on the following link:

If you look at the video, you can easily tell, Haq is not the only person enjoying. The choir is enjoying to their limits too. Each and everyone on the set has enjoyed walking down the memory lane.

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