Best Buy Mall is an online platform for shopping. Currently, the delivery services are functional in Bhawalpur, but the services will be running soon in Lahore, Islamabad and Multan.

Best Buy Mall is not like a usual online shopping platform, rather it helps you buy groceries, clothing and apparel, bakery items, books and stationery items, poultry, meat, seafood, medicationsh and household products from your preferred local stores in Bhawalpur. This makes them pioneers in Pakistan, offering such facilities.

It acts as the middle party between retailers and buyers and tends to provide a virtual space to local businesses. This enables local businesses to showcase their products on Best Buy Mall’s website and mobile app.

The aim behind this initiative is to attract business to get online rather than having physical stores.

Best Buy Mall gets daily supplies and necessities, including perishable and non perishable food items for you to shop. This offers a vast variety sold by retailers and vendors to customers.

All this can be done even through your smartphones. Shopping was never so easy before. To do so, people get access to the Best Buy Mall Mobile App, that has been developed as a responsive app. People can shop easily by a simple click.

Not only this, people can also place orders through their website. The website offers recommend products, deals and more.

Best Buy Mall has the best online shopping website that is designed to help our customers get what they need and from wherever they need, hassle-free.

Another feature of Best Buy Mall is that it provides low prices to those looking for a budget friendly shopping experience. Also, the grocery stores’ deals and discounts are also offered the same way as other shoppers.


Best Buy Mall offers exclusive discounts, deals, coupons and more to its customers. This acts as a perk to shop from Best Buy Mall.


Best Buy Mall helps deliver heavy and light grocery items and other items ordered, so if you do not own a vehicle to transport your essentials and goods, it saves you the hassle of hiring cabs, taxis and or other services like Bykea, Uber and Careem. Also, it not only saves the hassle of hiring a vehicle, rather saves your time shopping by visiting each shop physically.

Best Buy Mall provides a cash on delivery facility to facilitate their customers. Moreover, it offers the facility of same day delivery across Bhawalpur.

This service will soon be starting in Islamabad, Lahore and Multan. In the mean time, all those living in Bhawalpur, please visit their website or download their mobile app and take advantage of a hassle-free shopping experience.

The Best Buy Mall Experience

Please take a look at the precise explanation of the whole Best Buy Mall experience.


At this point in time, when people are struggling with self isolation and quarantined due to the COVID’19 pandemic, it is the best solution to solve all your problems of getting hands on basic needs by ordering through Best Buy Mall.

Please stay safe by staying home and order through Best Buy Mall.

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Javeria Fahad