Beautify by Amna has become the talk of the town these days. They have a huge range of products ranging from makeup to accessories to skin care, serums and what not.

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We will be reviewing their Regular Pack Brushes, which have managed to seek much attention. Talking about their appearance and presentation, which is quite a sight to the eyes, the brushes are also a pleasure to use. The soft bristles of the blush and bronzer brush, the spoolie and the definition creating eye brushes are a game changer. Lets not forget the 3D Kabuki brush that slides the foundation through your face and blends it so well without creating any lines and uneven texture. The highlighter brush blends the highlighter so well by giving an additional glow to the parts you intend to highlight by aiding more definition.

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The brushes set consists of a series of brushes which are user friendly (because each brush is labelled according to its usage) and super easy to use and clean. Let us tell you that they come with a glittery brush case which is sturdy and travel bag friendly.

Keeping in mind they are a Pakistani entrepreneur owned, they provide cash on delivery facility and the delivery hardly takes a few business days. Moreover, the delivery charges are negligible. The brushes are somewhat near to the ones that are available overseas accompanied by hefty shipping charges.

Stay tuned for more Beautify by Amna product reviews coming soon.

J. Muhammad (16-09-19)